Saturday, 9 May 2015

The most random thing..

I was walking around in our flat this morning and I thought "We have so many random things around".. So I have to show you guys the most random thing of them all. This naked fat woman sitting on a bowl. Haha. It gets worse, there are sweets in there, but they have been out of date since 2008. That's nearly 10 years!

So how did this end up here?

Well, my nan had it on her TV when I was little, she doesn't like sweets very much so she'd put them in there and just leave them there. Then in 2010 I got this little weird thing handed to me. I just don't have the heart to throw the sweets out.

This caused a little bit of drama when Carls brother came over a few months ago, and he ate one of the mints in there. Haha. He asked what kind of horrible swedish sweet it was.

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  1. I do love random stuff, especially if it’s something that reminds you of a special person! Oh dear, hope the sweet didn’t give him a bad tummy but then again shouldn’t be eating things that aren’t yours! lol
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