Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Five things you want right now (material):
– A pair of loafers or nice summer wedges.
– The perfect bag.
– My drivers license.
– A treadmill and a high desk.
– Chocolate.

Five things I want right now (non material):
– A dog.
– My best friend to have her baby while I'm in town!
– Summer.
– My family to be less dramatic. haha.
– My pizza to be ready. (only 5min to go!)

Five things that bothers me:
– People that never have anything good to say, is your life really THAT bad?
– People that can't be truly happy for other people. Jealousy is not charming.
– Money talk.
– People who borrow things and doesn't give it back, doesn't matter if it's a 15 year old dvd, money or a pair of shoes..
– The fact that phone deals are so different in different countries. For examlpe.. In Finland they have free data, in Sweden we pay a fair bit for it.. In England you get free minutes and data abroad, in Sweden that's a dream deal!

Five things I love:
– Carl.
– My friends and Family.
– Bread.
– Pretty things.
– Surprises.

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