Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Good morning,

Guess where I am?

I'm in Nyköping, a medium sized city about 100km from Stockholm. This is where most of my family lives, and I'm only here till tomorrow but it's always nice to come and see what everyone is upto. :)

I'm really here because I missed my best friends baby shower (I know! how could I?) so I come bearig gifts. haha. And we're meeting up later today for lunch. :) Can't wait to see her, she's 8 months pregnant now and I'm more than excited for her and her fiancé to have this little baby.

Also, how come when you take pictures of yourself with the cam, they look great when you press the button but they still come out weird? How it that possible? haha. Soo.. This is me right now, au natural and a little weird lookig (I blame the laptop!)

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