Monday, 13 October 2014

Evening Watson.

Today has been a busy and pretty awful day to be honest. I'm so stressed at the moment it's absolutely redic. Trying to pull myself together and get shit done but it's impossible. You know when you have so much to do you end up doing nothing? Yeah, that's me!

I can't wait til' next week is over. I have a massive test for uni next Saturday, which i have been trying to study for for about a month now, and it's gone pretty well, but i need it to go really well. This is my future we're talking about here. No messing around people!

Ah, So I've took a test today, like THE test, but the one from 2012. Very. Much. Depressing.
I got a 0.7/2.0 I need a 1.7 to get into the uni I want to go to and to do the shit i want. Yes i had to pick one of the top things. That's me. I just have to be a little bit better than everyone else. hahah.
No the thing is, when i get something in my head i go for it, and i get it done.

Let's go through some examples (to make myself feel better..)
- When i was 16 i started telling people "One day I'll move to Liverpool"
   - When i was 20 i moved. To Liverpool (ish).
- When i was 16 i also said I'm going to sort out my grades and take school seriously.
  - When i graduated i passed all courses. with. good. grades.
- Last summer I said i wanted to start my own business.
  -  enough said.
- 2 months ago i said i wanted to be Dr Alvarsson of Psychology..
- .. Only 7 years to go.. And i actually need to get into uni as well..

Ah this blogpost is getting too long, there is nothing worse than long blogposts, you read blogs to look at pectures? well i do anyway. so to all you bloggers out there, small texts, big pictures! You're welcome.

Ses imorgon. Puss.

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