Tuesday, 14 October 2014

BooTea Review

Oh yeah, about 3 weeks ago i ordered this tea. Bootea. It`s meant to make you into a super model over night. Pretty much. And to make a long story short.

Everyone says the morning tea tastes like lemon? I thought it tasted like warm water?
It didn't really taste of anything att all, it was nice to drink but not worth £20 haha.

The evening tastes like mint. It's nicer than the morning tea, and i don't normally like mint tea.
This is meant to have a laxitive effect? Not too sure about that..

I followed the diet and did my normal exercise, and I lost a total of 200grams.
Although, the tea tasted nice, it made you feel full and gave you energy, I also didn't want to snack as much..
And I easily get really bloated and i didn't get it at all during these 2 weeks. yay!

But pretty much, this is a tea that tastes nice, some people lose a bit of weight, some don't.
Let's be realistic, you will not lose 8kg's in 2 weeks..

I will probably get this again becasue it makes you feel fresh and it tastes good.

Just go out for a walk and have an apple instead of a bag of sweets and the weight will drop off you.

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