Thursday, 23 October 2014


Today i read another post about how a girl i know is going on a diet and living on powder for two weeks. So many things about this pisses me off, first of all, i have tried that, yes it does work but you feel like a bag of absolute shit while you're eating this, and it doesn't taste good at all. You feel weak and your breath smells of ammonia. You also feel dizzy constantly and you get tired and really grumpy. Do you lose weight though? yes.

But as soon as you start eating normally the kilos will jump straight back on. I don't understand how people can think living of powder a week and then go back to eating shit all the time will help them. it won't. To lose weight properly and keep it off you need to change your food and exerciser habits.

That's something i wrote a while back. I can't actually remember writing it but i still agree. BUT do you know what i got in the post today. Diet powder. I know. Haha. What the hell. Anyway, I'm doing it to get a kickstart, i have been very busy lately and i haven't had time to go the pool and stuff so I'm feeling (not looking) chubby. And being a former anagirl it's not a great feeling. I feel like I'm about to have some sort of meltdown. So i bought myself some diet powder. 2 weeks of hell for about a 4kg weightloss.

Last time i lost 6kg's in a week when i did this. As i wrote a while back you don't feel too good while you do this, but hey. it's only two weeks! We'll see how much i lose this time, might not be as much as I'm 30kgs lighter now. haha.

Ah well, ergh, can't beleive I've sunk to this level. Mhm, hopefully i'll go from Fat to flat. :)

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