Friday, 19 April 2013

I need to get inspired.

Good morning people, so last night i was watching one of my favourite TV shows ever, the Rachel Zoe project. I think that show is truly amazing, i think she's got the best job ever and she is someone i sort of look upto. "Mamma, när jag blir stor ska jag blir som henne" a bit like that. And anyway after watching that and reading my new book (Mary-Kate and Ashley - Influence) i started to feel maybe it's time for a change around here. I have been feeling it for a while, but maybe this was exactly what i needed?

Anyway, i now feel like going shopping, but i have no idea what to buy. i wish i had all the money in the world so i could just throw all my clothes out and buy new ones.. But the thing is, it would probably look exactly the same then.. I always buy the same things.. every time.. Am i boring? I mean do i dress boring?

I'd like to be more of a mix of Ashley Olsen and comfortable.. If you know what i mean. But i don't know if i dare to. haha. Right now, i am wearing a rolling stones shirt which is too big, a white top, skinny jeans and red "converse" shoes. That is pretty much as boring as it can get isn't it? Although i am wearing cool earrings and an awesome watch.

I just wish i had more confidence when it comes to this. i need to give my self a kick in the butt and get on with it don't i? We'll see what happens i guess.. Just sucks being boring.

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