Wednesday, 6 March 2013


So, i've got something to tell you. this morning my mum rang me, no she rang Carl. this never happens, because its so expensive to ring an english mobile from a swedish one. so i knew something was wrong as soon as Carl told me its my mum. This was 7 in the morning as well, so she woke me up.

All she needed to say was "It's Torres" and i knew exactly what it was. something has happened to my cat. i was sad but at the same time relieved  i dont want to sound horrible, but at first i though it would be one of my siblings.. So my mum found Torres dead on the side of the road this morning.. Which made me quite upset..

i found him when he was about a year, he was skinny and had been outside for like 6 months.. So we took care of him for a bit, then found the owner who said we could keep him.. :)

It made me think though, you never know what you have till its gone. i've never had a cat before, and he was the the best cat on the planet. I'm normally a dog person, so i dont really trust cats. haha, but Torres was an awesome cat.

Thats all,

Good night.

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