Friday, 1 March 2013

Hash Browns my gold!

Ok, i moved to England about a year ago, and i love it. but there is one thing I've really missed from Sweden  potatisbullar. its like little flat potato balls  One of my favourite things in the world. And where i work i sometimes come across things i'm not really sure what they are, so then i use the best thing ever to find out - Google! So today i came across Hash browns, and i though "Well, they're not selling Hash Brownies.." So i Google it to find out. LIKE A BOSS! and then i clicked on images and it feels like my life has changed. Hash browns is the same thing as Potatisbullar!

I don't think anyone on the planet understands how happy i am right now, i have tears in my eyes. So much I've missed my little yellow balls of gold (HAHA). Definitely getting at least 4 bags tomorrow. And wait, it gets even better!! They have triangle ones here! hahaha. wtf. never seen that in my life.


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