Thursday, 14 March 2013


Something that really bothers me is how people think they have the right to complete assholes because they have an excuse. NOTHING gives someone the right to an ass. For example, when me and my brother were younger, by brother used to say proper horrible things to everyone.. but my mum always said "Yeah but he's got Aspergers". OK my brother didn't know when to shut up but does that make it OK? No it doesn't  how are people meant to learn when no one tells them they're doing something wrong?

Or another good example, my friend said she would come over to England, she gave me the dates and everything. And of course i was super excited about this, and then what happened, she didn't show up. You know why? because a week earlier she went into the hospital and "took a few tests". Sure it's never cool when you're friend is ill. But maybe you should then or the at some point during the following 6 DAYS let your friend know you're not coming to England  No? Just because you were in a hospital for 2 hours doesn't give you the right to be a bitch.

Got another one for you as well, just because you have been drinking, does not give you the right to chat up other girls when you have a girlfriend, it doesn't make it OK for you do chat on your girlfriend because you were drunk. That just makes you look like a dangling sack of testicles.

That's all.


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