Monday, 11 February 2013

Why are girls so weird ?

I know most girls must have been asking themselves this, and I'm sure all boys have! Why are girls so weird? I'm a girl and i am definitely weird. But something happened today that made me think.

Well about 6 months ago, my boyfriend celebrated his birthday with all his friends and family, and he invited a bunch of people via Facebook. And of course everyone's girlfriend was welcome to. But one girl didn't show up. This is someone I've never met before, never really heard of either. But i like meeting new people. So it made me happy she was going. I was quite new around here then so didn't know a lot of people.

This girl didn't show up, it wasn't something i was thinking about all night but it crossed my mind when i saw her boyfriend later that night. So the next day i asked Carl why she wasnt there. And she had her reasons, one of them was that she didn't agree with our relationship, so she basically didn't want to meet me. She is a friend of my boyfriends ex. So fine, i though that was a bit childish but didn't care too much about it.

Today, i changed my profile picture on Facebook, tagged me and my lovely boyfriend in it. And the first person to like it was her. Isn't that a bit strange?

Most girls are like this, they say one thing and then does something else. Most girls get pissed off for absolutely no reason and then take it out on whoever comes close. Most girls call their friends Hun and then stab them in the back as soon as they turn around.

Maybe this has something to do with age?

I have quite i a few people like this in my life, I have never been much of a backstabber, but I'm not going to deny talking behind my friends backs. That's all girls do when they're 14-18. And i feel like some of my friends even though they are 21 most of them, are stuck in this backstabbing pile of poo. But for some reason i think "I know she's like that, so its ok!"

How is that ok? How am i not the most stupid person on the planet for thinking that's ok? Let me tell you why, because I'm a girl, and we are weird.  

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