Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pou !

Would you like to play with my Pou?

Pou, the little alien baby my boyfriend told me about, it has changed my life! Ok, maybe not, but i think it's awesome anyway. Its like a Tamagotchi. you feed it, clean it, play with it. And there are a couple of cool games as well, that you can play alone or with outer Pous. And they more you play the games and stuff the more coins you get so you can buy food and stuff for your Pou. I honestly love this app!

My favourite game is Sky jump i think it's called, and my high score was like 150 something, and i thought ä yeah i must be pretty good at this now..' clicked on Hich score.. and the record is like 70 000. Hahaha So i have a lot to do later! haha.

Anyway, you should download this, it's awesome!

If you want to play a game with me: ochnugen is my pous name.

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