Thursday, 7 February 2013

England, get a grip!

I feel so frustrated at the moment, we are trying to find a nice house to move into in May, so I'm constantly looking for houses, every day. But the thing is, it doesn't work as it does in Sweden  which i find very hard to get used to.. This is how it works in England:

You find a house somewhere, for example online.
You ring the company that rents it out and ask if you can view it.
you view it.
If you want it you transfer them whatever amount of money they want basically.
and then the house it yours, and they wont let anyone else view it.

That's how it works here in England, which is pretty smooth, and if you find a house you like you can get it the next day. So this is not where i have a problem.. the thing is they have very weird requirements when it comes to renting a house in England.
I just rang a company about a house i found online, and on the website it said "no smokers" and "no students" which is fine, because we don't smoke and we're not in uni. Most of the houses you can look at online also says "No pets". But the house i wanted to view didn't have that on, which is fab! because i want a dog - as you all know! So i rang them..

It feels a little bit like you're in court when you ring these companies, its like an interview. These are some of the questions she asked me:

Are you planning on living here alone?
Do you work?
Full time?
Where do you work?
Do you smoke?
Do you have any children?
are you planning on having children?
Do you have pets?

I told her i dont have any pets but i would like to get one, and she asked me quickly what kind of pet i want. And i told her i want a dog. And guess what!? No dogs allowed. WHAT! it didnt say anything about no pets on the website? It's like she has a secret list of pets I'm not allowed, and when i tell her i want it, she says no. I wonder what kind of animal I'm allowed to have then? Feels like they're just taking the piss.

Pets Allowed
- No dogs.
- No cats with black feet.
- No brown rabbits.
- Fish allowed, if it's in the pan.

That's what it feels like to be perfectly honest, when i think about pets, the first two animals that i think of are dogs and cats, and then rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, waling sticks.. yeah you get it.. So them saying pets are allowed and then they're not feels a bit like they're laughing at you. In your face sort of thing.

Tomorrow when we meet her I'll ask if i can have a horse in the back garden.

And when we were looking for our flat we have now about a year ago i found some other weird requirements, and they were even worse. Seriously, these are some of them:

- No children.
- No children if there is a boy and a girl.
- Only men over 50.
- No couples.
- Girls only

Sickening inst it, never seen anything like it in my life, maybe its just me, but i don't think that's ok!

England, get a grip!

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