Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Growing up,

I feel all grown up now, haha, today is my first ever payday, and 2 weeks ago I got my first ever Visa card. (yes I'm 20 years old and i never needed a job or a Visa card.. I know this is going to sound horrible, but my dad kind of took care of all that, and in Sweden we get paid to go to school..). Funny, I've lived in a few different countries, I've been in and out living with friends/boyfriends for 6 years, I was taking care of my brothers and my sister when I was 10.. And now I feel like an adult..

Anyway, it feels better getting money from working hard than from going to school and not do anything, It's not like you have to go to any classes in school to get the money, if you show up a few times a month its cool.. so yeah, today is a good day. And I'm proud of myself! :D Wiho.

And I'm writing in English again because I don't have the Swedish a a and o here at work..

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