Monday, 28 October 2013

All charities are scams.

Oh hey, blogging more today that i have all last month i think. yey me! anyway I have started to realize how many itiots i have on my facebook friends list. So now every time i see someone post something redicoulously stupid i just delete them straight away - no 2nd chances. These are all people i don't really know anyway so it's not like they will even notice.

Anyway this morning i started reading my facebook as always and i came across some sort of article about the ingredients in a vaccine. I did not read the article because her post annoyed me too much for me to even click on it. But basically it had some cells from a dogs kidney or something in it and also some cells from a plasenta (don't know what animal).

This might not seem very cool at first, i mean dog cells and things.. but at the same time, you do not have to kill a person to get some cells do you? then i'm sure they don't go around killing dogs to get their cells. Dogs lick each others arses all the time and they seem perfectly fine, i would happily have some of their immune system or cells or whatever.

My boyfriend couldn't help himself and got invloved in this discussion and asked the girl what the issue was as she eants chicken nuggets, meatballs and vegetables sprayed with God knows what. Everyone knows whats in nuggets and meatballs.. It's the meat and pieces of the animal noone will use for anything else.. Also this "friend" of mine eat eggs.. so one would think eating a plesenta should be perfectly fine?

As if shit isn't bad enough, she is now saying we should all stop giving money to cances charities as people still die of it and it's just a billion dollar industry and it's all a scam. I am sure there is small pice of truth in that statement but what the actual fuck... How many lives have been saved because of cancer research? How far have we got from giving money to chairity?

Young children still die of thirst in Africa, should we stop giving money to that as well? Absolutely not! This girl need to sort her head out and get a grip. She is making herself look like an absolute idiot on facebook and what she's saying makes no sense.

Should we stop making stairs? people die falling down stairs!
Should we stop having water in our homes? people die in the bath!
Should we stop buying cars maybe? i bet more people die in car accidents than of cancer.

Anyway, she got deleted.
This is not the first person i have deleted because of stupid posts this week.

Another example is a girl (also) who posted a "news" article from a quite racist news website.
This article was saying that everyone moving to Sweden will get 30 000kr a month for doing absolutely mothing. (30 000kr = £3000). This is absolute bullshit. And i beleive that anyone reading anything on that website and beleive what they read are all idiots. You can't go to a website called something like and think they aren't racist and take in what they say. If you do, i just don't want anything to do with you.

Let me tell you somwthing, my boyfriend just moved from england to Sweden, he is keeping his english job and he does not have a personnummer yet. without that he can't get anything. NOTHING.

The truth is, if you add every benifit you can possibly get, that's about 30 000.. but a lot of these can't be combined, therefor there is no way you can get this much money without having an actual job. I think the average amount of money you can get without having a job in Sweden if you just arrived is about 8000kr. Which is not very much as food and things are pretty expencive here..

May i also point out that this girl who posted this has no job and did not go to school for as many years as "normal" people. She is clearly not very bright and i feel a little bit sorry for her and her stupid little brain.


Sorry about this blogpost, i am not going to spell check this as i don't feel like it at the moment, remember english is not my first langage so i think i've done pretty well! haha.

This is all my oppinion and the ladies i have been writing about can ofcourse have their own oppinion if they want - even if it is stupid! Hopefully next time i blog it will be more of a happy blogpost! haha. see you sooon.

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