Friday, 30 November 2012

Procure Wizard

Someone asked me last night what i do for a living, so thought i'd write a blog post about it. In English, because i'ts a British company, and this way hopefully everyone reading my blog can understand it. (And my boyfriend told me last night that reading my blog in English is better, because Google translate messes it up).

Anyway, I work for a company called Procure Wizard, and my roll is System Support. So basically what i do is answer the phone, the live chat and emails. And i also do the training when people are new on our system. I do all sorts of things really. Haha. :)

And i really like it here, i think liking your job has a lot to do with who you are working with, if you like your colleagues or not and so on, and i know this is my first job so i don't have a lot of experience, but i could not wish for a better team. This is not our only office, and i haven't met the people working in Scotland (yet), but i have talked to them quite a lot. And they are awesome.

There are only four of us working in this office, There is Me, Carl who is my boyfriend, Lee, who is Carls brother, and then there is Robb, who isn't a part of  the family, but he is cool anyway. haha. So we're all pretty close. I am the only girl in here, but i couldn't care any less to be honest. :)

Well i think that's about it. :)

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