Saturday, 5 December 2015

24 things I've learned over 24 years.

Just watched Jenna Marbles video on 29 life lessons in 29 years and thought "Hey, that's a great idea!" so here it is.

1, Don't shake a box of pearls when the lid isn't on. 
- No it does not sound like you're making popcorn and it takes forever to clean up.

2, If you want to do something, do it! 
- Just do it!

3, Don't waste your time on people who doesn't care. 
- If someone doesn't care about you, what are you doing still caring about them?

4, Give people compliments.
- Who'e ever gotten pissed of by hearing they have nice hair? No one!

5, Don't eat a whole pizza and 1kg of winegums in one night.
- You will be sick.

6, Smile!
- Just smile, constantly. Nobody likes resting bitch face.

7, Stay focused in school. 
- That way, you can get a good job or go to uni when you're 19, not 24.

8, Don't piss off your mum when she's holding a bottle of flavoured water.
- It takes a while to shower out flavoured water out of your hair.

9, If it feels right, it most likely is. 
- The same goes for wrong..

10, Don't change yourself for a guy. 
- Why on earth would you? If he doesn't like you the way you are. Tough Shit. Bye.

11, Be honest. 
- Always alwasy always better to be honest.

12, Don't make massive snowballs and block the road with them.
- People can really hurt, and extremely pissed off.

13, Work hard.
- Whatever you're working towards, you won't get anywhere without hard work.

14, Pink pants are never a good look.
- Just don't!

15, Reading is cool.
- Reading is the best!

16, Buy the expencive things if you want.
- You'll only but pizza and crisps for the money if you don't anyway!

17, Keep it classy.
If someone is embarrassing themselves by sinking to a whole new level. Smile and walk away.

18, Always listen to your nan. 
- She's always right.

19, Don't worry so much.
- It won't matter in a year from now anyway.

20, Not all good looking people are mean.
- Mean people are mean, it has nothing to do with looks.

21, Not eating doesn't make you feel better.
- But it does make you skinnier.

22, Listening to Taylor Swift and Hot Chelle Rae really does make you feel better.
- Try it!

23, Shit happens. 
- Take a day off, eat chocolate, read a good book, cry. Tomorrow is a new day!

24, Travel!
- Never say no when you get a chance to see the world.

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