Sunday, 21 December 2014

Back from england!

Hello, so it's christmas soon and i've done all my shopping and decorated the flat. Everything is booked for our little trip over new years and it's time to relax!

We got back from england a few days ago, it was really nice to see the friends and family again. Really sad we missed little Chloe who was born yesterday though. Would have been amazing to see her before we went back.

So what were we doing in england? Lets do everyday in 5 words.

Sunday: car, kfc, shrew, family, sleep
Monday: math, relaxing, reading, Jans food ♥
Tuesday: shopping, chocolate, takeaway, lloyds, costa.
Wednesday: liverpool, hotel, shopping, love, dominos.
Thursday: shopping, tired, nan, reading, preparing.
Friday: party, jumper, cali, drinks, friends.
Saturday: tired, roadtrip, scotland, dinner, family.
Sunday: car, sleep, hungover, hugs, pizza.
Monday: math, packing, stress, talk, caring.
Tuesday: ill, coach, plane, sweden, happy!

There we go, haha. It was fun and i cant wait to go back again. :)

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