Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Hellooo, finaly back in the pool for the first time after summer! (i say after summer because at the moment its like +7c here in the morning and not very warm in the day time.. wää) anyway, i feel like swimming season has started again! Since it was the first time in like 2 months i had to take it pretty slow and i only did 1km. Tomorrow I'm back in there and going to the gym as well so woho! Feels good to be baaccckkk.

Mhm, my plans for the afternoon is go and to a massive shop of food and then basically move our livingroom into our bedroom and office because tomorrow we're getting a new livingroom floor. Can't wait! Got a new bedroom floor today so at the moment our bed is in the livingroom and everything is a mess. Quite liking watching tv in bed tho, might get myself a tv for christmas.. haha. :)

Aaand, we've had this little noodle at ours for about a month now.. i wonder when my sister wants him back? hmm..

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