Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Alcohol and drunk people

As i am moving back to Sweden in a couple of months i get a lot of this right now "Aaah no! we have to go out to Liverpool and get pissed" as much as i like going out dancing with my friends it seems like they sometimes seem to forget something.. I don't really drink!

I'm not going to say i don't drink, because i do. I just never get drunk. when i drink this is what happens Drink - feel a bit weird - stop drinking - get tired - going home. Yes that's me! i'm the boring one that always goes home at like 1. Which i really don't mind. Because at 1 in the morning everyone I'm with are too drunk for my taste and I'd rather go to bed half sober at 1 than wake up hungover like someone threw a house at my head the next day - simples!

Also when I drink with my friends now, as i am a slow and boring drinker i don't drink enough according to them, so i get a lot of this "drink drink drink drink".. Let me tell you something, nothing puts me off drinking more than that. It might be the aspergers inside me but i drink when I'm thirsty, i drink things that tastes good and i drink when i want to drink. End of story.

I think it's a little sad sometimes to see how some people HAVE to drink on a Friday night, because it's Friday. But I'm guessing those people think I'm a little sad for watching a film instead. I just think that people who drink loads need to leave people who doesn't drink loads alone. haha. STOP TELLING ME TO DRINK PEOPLE!

That's that for now.

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